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Collaborators and Service Providers

Below is a list of real estate industry collaborators we have worked with for years and that we feel will ensure a smooth process in your home buying and home selling journey.  We've also included a list of preferred service providers to help you with all of your other Real Estate needs. *

*Please note that The Sullivan Team has no affiliation with the following contractors nor receives any compensation or ‘bird dog’ fees. They are recommended in good faith based on experience, personal and professional, and are committed to ‘doing things right’.  Should you have any difficulty or negative experience please bring it to our attention immediately. Despite such acclaim, we cannot be held responsible for their future workmanship or performance


It's Important to hire a good Real Estate attorney to ensure that your interests are protected throughout the process.


Hiring a good lender is crucial to ensuring a smooth process, without last minute delays that could hinder your purchase.

Home Inspection_edited.png

Your home inspector plays a key role in making sure you know all of the home's issues before you commit to buying it.

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