Fix Now. Pay Later. Sell for More.

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Everyone wants to sell their home for top dollar and as quickly as possible. 78% home buyers today say they would sacrifice space for a move-in ready home.  This means that by and large, home buyers do NOT want to have to do any work to a home.  Move-in ready homes sell for more because home buyers are willing to pay for the convenience of not having to make important updates to a home. 

But updating a home during the home selling process can be costly and most home sellers are hesitant to spend money on home renovations before their home sells. What if I don't get my money back? How do I know what needs updating?  The Sullivan Team, in partnership with Curbio, can help you make sound decisions about how and where to invest in the home improvements that will help you sell your home quickly, and for the highest amount possible. The best part is that you don't pay a cent until your home sells! It's a win-win situation for everyone!

How does it work?
Same Day Estimates

Request your free estimate and one of our Home Improvement Consultants will call you back to discuss the listing and which projects will help you achieve your target list price.

From simple repairs to whole home renovations, we’ll provide a reliable estimate and project timeline right on the phone.

Online Walk-Through

We send pictures or video of the home to Curbio or, if you prefer, we’ll send our camera tech to create a 3D Matterport video for you at no charge.

We’ll set up an online appointment to review the home with you and Curbio. Once all parties agree on the scope of work, you’ll  have a detailed, fixed-price proposal in your hands in just a couple of days.

Repairs, Refreshes, and Renovations

You will be assigned a Curbio Project Manager who will manage and execute the entire project so you can have your time back to focus on the things that matter most—like spending time with family.

We'll be able to monitor the project from anywhere using the Curbio App! Your Project Manager will share regular text, photo, and video updates to keep you in the loop.

Pay at Closing

Properties updated by Curbio sell faster and for more—leaving your sellers happy to have more money in their pocket, thrilled with the ease and simplicity of the process, and excited to provide referrals.

Curbio is paid for our work at closing, with no additional fees, interest, or other charges. Whether the home sells in six days or six months, the cost to the seller is the same.

It really is that simple.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if the house doesn't sell?

All homes will eventually sell and Curbio will wait as long as it takes to get paid. While there is no time limit, they do require the house to remain on the market until it sells, unless the homeowners choose to pay Curbio directly for their work.

Are there any fees or interest charges?

Nope. There are no additional fees, interest charges, income requirements or credit checks, and Curbio requires no money until the home sells. The only thing homeowners pay for is the home improvement work—just like you would with an ordinary contractor; difference is, you'll pay for the work later! And Curbio's decision to take on a project is based on the homeowner’s equity.

Is there any work Curbio will not do?

Curbio typically avoids major structural changes like putting on an addition or major foundation work. The best way to determine if your project can be completed by Curbio is to request your free assessment.

Is there a price limit for Curbio projects?

There is no minimum or maximum for Curbio projects. The scope of work and total budget for a project are based on the amount of equity in a home.